5 Ways To Transform Your Living Room With Color

If you’ve ever watched one of the many home makeover shows on TV and felt inspired to revamp the look of your home, but you don’t want to turn your house into a construction zone to make it happen, we have some great news for you – color is your friend!

With just a few simple changes, you can transform any tired room into a fresh, exciting space with strategically placed color – often without touching a paintbrush or a hammer!

Here are a few suggestions to brighten up and change a living room’s appearance without a remodel by changing colors to convert the mundane to the dazzling.

  1. Changing Blinds can Change your Style – Pastels and earth tones are popular window colors in any many living rooms, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Put some drama in the room with bold colors on the window coverings. Using a primary color such as a strong blue, yellow or red, or perhaps a forest green will definitely add a major accent to the room. Consider using plantation shutters, window panels, or roman shades instead of vertical or horizontal blinds to create a more upscale look. Brilliant colors draw the eye to the window areas, and invite examination and appreciation of the different texture.
  2. Fabric as an Accent– Once your color has been selected, frame the window area with a slightly darker fabric using window curtains. This gives definition to the window area and acts as a frame – like a piece of artwork or picture.
  3. Snug with a rug – You may be proud of an elegant hardwood, bamboo or laminate floor but consider an area rug for the living room as an accessory. A colorful wool area rug adds dimension to a continuous stretch of floor. Multi-colored rugs add warmth, comfort and charm. Choose colors that compliment and add connections to the other accents. A plush area rug offers opulence, coordination and contrast to the other elements of the room.
  4. Cushioning the transition – Adding over-sized cushions in connecting colors not only tie in with the other features in the room, they also offer balance to the furnishings. The nice thing about cushions is that they don’t necessarily have to match each other. Using a variety of cushions allows you to expand your creative style, as well as add exciting, vibrant colors that flow throughout the room.
  5. Bring the outside in – Plants in a room enhance both earthy colors as well as bright ones. Use them on walls, and in floor stands, or near furniture as much as possible for the best effect. Plants break up monotonous wall expanses and add a sense of comfort when placed near furniture. Varying sconces, pots and planters can also add to the lively colors in a family room or great room.

These five methods offer significant changes without altering the basic characteristics of the room. Colors offer a multitude of enhancements that family members and guests will find refreshing and novel. Splashes of color here and there change the ordinary into the extraordinary.