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Carpet Installation - What Should I Know?

Importance of Quality Carpet Installation


Carpet installation is one of the most important and least understood parts of the carpet-buying process. You may have just purchased the most expensive, luxurious, and highest-quality carpet on the market, but if you don’t have a high-quality installation, the result will be a big disappointment. The quality of the installation is just as important – if not more so – than the quality of the carpet itself.


High-quality padding is just as important as the carpet quality – and requires expert installation to compliment the carpet. A quality carpet supplier will insist on good padding and explain the reasoning for this. The padding needs to be installed tightly and correctly or the installation of the carpet will be affected.

Padding helps to even out the floor to ensure a level fitting for the carpet, so it is critical to the appearance of the finished installation. In addition, the carpet pad prevents moisture from accumulating in the carpet base and protects carpet from damage from the subfloor. Proper padding is important in ensuring your carpet looks great and lasts a long time.




The color of carpet changes depending on the direction. When you vacuum, you can see the tracks left by the vacuum cleaner – that’s because you are changing the direction of the yarn. Since carpet is woven on a loom, it will have a natural direction that must be exactly retained throughout the floor area to maintain a consistent color shade. Only a skilled carpet installer with a trained eye will be able to line up carpet so that the colors will be the same when moved around by feet or other traffic. Without that, the carpet can seem mismatched.


A skilled installer will measure the room and carpet to ensure all pieces fit so that the movement of the carpet is congruent throughout the space. This is especially important in large spaces or oddly shaped spaces that need multiple pieces of carpet to complete the job.




Unless you are carpeting a small and perfectly square room, there will be seams in the carpet that need to be matched and aligned. Trained professionals can make it seem like the carpet is all one piece by properly laying both the pad and carpet so that everything lines up.


Skilled carpet installers have the proper knowledge and tools to cut and seam a perfectly straight line as well as ensure the pieces match in color and direction. Without the proper installation, any seams throughout the carpet will be obvious and could even end up pulling away from the floor.




To prevent things like bubbles, ridges, and curled corners, a carpet must be installed with the proper amount of tension. Understanding the right amount of tension and applying it consistently across the room takes years of experience that only a trained professional carpet installer will have.


If the tension is too loose, a carpet can gather in places causing a trip hazard and an eyesore. If tension is too tight, it can stress the carpet and cause stretch marks, tension lines and even tearing. In any case, the wrong tension will affect the life of the carpet.


By choosing Interiors & Textiles for your new carpet purchase, you can be assured that it will be installed by highly experienced carpet installers – craftsmen who consistently install to the highest standards, leaving you with a beautiful new floor covering that will look and feel great for many years to come.