Carpet Selection Tips

Choosing a New Carpet For Your Home

When it comes to selecting carpet for your new home or remodeling project, you know you’re making a decorating investment that you’ll want to enjoy for many years. At Interiors & Textiles, our design staff specializes in helping you make an informed choice and navigate the many options available to you.

Tan patterned carpet with light blue couch and brown chair

1.) Carpet Style & Material

Selecting the right carpet requires matching the type of carpet to the setting. In higher traffic areas, a harder wearing carpet will last longer and look great with less maintenance. In living areas, bedrooms and family rooms, a softer carpet is often desired. You’ll also want to think about the atmosphere and theme of a room:

  • Plush carpets add luxury and formality to grand rooms and reception areas

  • For more casual settings, a less dense cut-pile carpet will provide a softer, more comfortable surface.

Wool carpet is generally the most luxurious material, but innovations in manmade materials have also led to advances in durability, softness, eco-friendliness and stain resistance. Come by our showroom to feel and experience the different textures and pile options for yourself.

2.) Colors, Patterns & Décor

A carpet is not just a floor covering – it is the foundation of the décor of a room. The colors, shades, patterns and textures all work together to form the basis of the room’s personality. Many people select neutral earth tones for general carpeting. However, when it comes to decorating rooms with specific colors or brighter rooms such as kids' rooms, you’ll want to choose from a wide array of colors, styles and patterns. Interiors & Textiles offers this rich and wide palette of designs and details that will perfectly match your space and taste.

You may also consider whether you want wall-to-wall fitted carpeting, known as broadloom carpet, or whether area rugs may be better suited to a room. Custom area rugs can be made using the same material as broadloom carpet. If you have a finished hardwood floor, consider a custom sized and professionally finished area rug using your selected carpet style.

3.) Quality, Budget & Warranties

With our huge range of carpets, we are certain to have something that fits your budget. Carpets come in a variety of materials and quality to meet your budget and needs.

The longest lasting, most luxurious and softest material is premium wool carpet. The natural fibers are crush resistant, naturally fireproof and provide for a great looking carpet. As you would expect, this type of luxury comes at a price. Synthetic and wool-blend carpets are available at a wide range of price points. The warranty on carpeting generally aligns with the cost. Higher quality carpets tend to have longer warranties, often in the 10-20 year range. Most warranties cover wear on the carpet, with some materials such as SmartStrand providing warranty coverage for liquid stains, too.

4.) Installation & Cushioning

High quality installation is just as important as the quality of the carpet that you select. Even the most expensive carpet can be ruined in the hands of an inexperienced or sloppy installer. For example, many carpet installations require “seaming” which is the joining together of multiple pieces. Seaming requires precision cutting and expert joining to ensure the seam remains as invisible to the naked eye as possible. Additionally, since carpet is manufactured on a loom, it is directional and will look different depending on the way it is positioned. A skilled installer will know the best layout for the carpet relative to entryways and room shape, and will be able to install the new carpet for the best possible look, properly installed to avoid lumps, riding and uneven stretching that will deteriorate the fit over time.

The cushion that is put under the carpet is also an important consideration. A poor quality cushion will ruin the comfort and feel of the carpet and will reduce the lifespan of a good quality carpet. Our experts can help select the most appropriate and cost-effective cushion for your new carpet.

5.) Buy from an Expert

At Interiors & Textiles, we aim to help you choose the right carpet for your home that will suit your lifestyle and needs. We carry a wide selection of colors, fibers, textures and prices to suit any and every application. With so many options to choose from, we can guide you every step of the way from selection to installation making it an easy and smooth process. Call 650-493-1700 for an appointment and visit our showroom.

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