Choosing Resilient Flooring

Great Reasons to Choose Resilient Flooring

In the past, resilient flooring meant something different than it does today.  It meant functional, durable, and affordable, but perhaps, not much else.  Today’s resilient flooring options, however, continue to be functional, durable, and affordable and yet, are so much more stylish, textured and exclusive than ever before.  Not only are these floors designed to look as beautiful as any other flooring options, they have some standout benefits that today’s homeowners and even business owners will want to pay attention to.

What is Resilient Flooring?

Perhaps linoleum comes to mind when one thinks of resilient flooring.  Vinyl is still an option, but not the 1970’s look you may remember.  Luxury Vinyl Tile is now the product of choice for adding color and texture to your home. Today’s resilient floors are beautiful to behold as well as durable and affordable.  Some flooring options like Marmoleum are made of natural materials, using bold, vibrant colors, making them the perfect choice for households that value sustainability and uniqueness.  Resilient floors have many benefits aside from their durability and great appearance, which is why they’re becoming increasingly popular as standout floor coverings.

High-Traffic Areas

Durable and easy to maintain, resilient flooring options are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, play rooms, and even utility rooms.  While these materials are available in styles and designs that complement just about any decorative style or plan, they can hold up to the daily traffic of most any household.  Homes with kids, pets, or that see a lot of entertaining will love how well their resilient flooring remains beautiful to behold.

Clean and Tidy

Many homeowners love resilient flooring simply because it’s so easy to clean and take care of.  Spills are easy to clean up and because the flooring is hypo-allergenic, does not absorb liquids, won’t hold pet dander and dust the way other floor coverings do.  In fact, the hygienic properties of these resilient floors have made them uniquely suited for hospitals, nursing homes, day cares, and other places where cleanliness is essential.

Great Styles and Designs

You can install resilient floors in styles that mimic the look and elegance of wood or choose options with bright and bold colors.  You’ll find a myriad of patterns, designs, and colors to choose from.  Whatever your decorative style, you’ll have a great selection of resilient options before you.  Not only can you obtain all the extraordinary functionality of a resilient floor, you won’t have to sacrifice appearance whatsoever.  With so many gorgeous choices, however, it might be difficult to choose. Why not stop by our showroom in Mountain View and check out our selection!