Cork is a versatile and stylish material found in premiere homes throughout the country. Cork, a natural flooring product, is periodically harvested from cork trees in Europe near the Mediterranean, without harming the trees in any way. Soft, quiet, warm and comfortable, cork makes a good-looking practical floor in many areas of the home. Cork’s advantages include good sound insulation, softness underfoot, and high resilience.

Natural Cork Flooring

Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, Natural Cork is the foremost supplier of cork flooring in North America. Leading the industry in design excellence through a commitment to innovative product development, Natural Cork offers a wide variety of cork flooring options to meet diverse marketplace demands. By constantly incorporating advancing technologies, Natural Cork continues to improve durability, simplify maintenance, and develop new patterns and colors to satisfy current design trends.


Wicanders® is a truly sustainable brand! It represents a unique balance between the creation of wealth and the protection of the environment. The starting point is a raw material that is extracted cyclically from the cork oak trees without ever damaging them. This raw material is then transformed into high value-added products while promoting the economic and social sustainability of areas at risk of desertification.


What sets the Solida site finish program apart from others is the virtually infinite number of possibilities you can put together. They have more colours, more designs, more shapes and more sizes than any other supplier. Each order is handcrafted to your wishes and supplied with a satin polyurethane or available matte polyurethane for on site application. This is why designers love the Solida program!

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