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Cork & Bamboo

Cork Flooring


Cork is a versatile and stylish material found in premiere homes throughout the country. Cork, a natural flooring product, is periodically harvested from cork trees in Europe near the Mediterranean. Soft, quiet, warm, and comfortable, cork makes a good-looking practical floor in many areas of the home. Cork’s benefits include good sound insulation, softness underfoot, and high resilience.



Cork Flooring in Basement


Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable material, ideal for creating beautiful, durable, high-quality flooring. Bamboo is a pleasure to look at, stand and walk on, and has a natural decorative beauty. Botanically, bamboo is not a wood at all but rather a grass. Bamboo has a very intricate rooting system allowing the same plant to regenerate itself and be harvested annually. This makes bamboo one of the most renewable and abundant natural resources on the planet.


Bamboo is attractive as a building material because it is very hard, strong, and dimensionally stable. Homeowners and business owners appreciate bamboo flooring for its design, elegance, unique grain, and color.


Call for an appointment with one of our designers, and visit our showroom to see an extensive range of both cork and bamboo products in Palo Alto, California.