Custom Draperies Decor

Custom Draperies To Complement Your Decor Style

How do you define your preferred decorative style?  French Country with a Shabby Chic twist?  Traditional with some contemporary flair or, perhaps, formal elegance with an eye for comfort?  Whatever style or hybrid style you gravitate toward, custom draperies will help pull your look together and add their characteristic polish to all your windows. Customizing your window treatments allows your windows to stand out while also complementing the entire room’s décor.  With so many styles and fabrics to choose from, you can create a dramatic look that completely takes your space from ordinary to something quite unexpected, something that makes a grand statement.

Set the Mood

Custom draperies can immensely impact the mood of any room.  Sleek panels of silk in a bedroom might suggest a timeless romantic look while heavier brocade can easily provide an air of cozy comfort for a den or living room space.  Your window treatments can provide a framework for your decorative scheme and alter the mood of any given space merely by fabric choice, style, and color.  A pattern might add a hint of interest to an otherwise minimally decorated space.  On the other hand, a solid color might create a bold look that adds a new dimension of energy to a room.

Add Texture

Drapery fabrics are available in a myriad of patterns and colors, but also textures.  Have you ever walked up to a window and had to feel a drapery panel whose velvety softness simply invited a touch?  Texture is a subtle fabric nuance, but it can make your window treatments quite singular—quite like no one else’s.  Some textures can be quite sumptuous while others might add appeal to a more rustic decorative scheme.  The idea is to choose a texture that enhances the overall style of décor.

Considering Color and Pattern

Purchasing custom draperies allows the decorator to choose the ideal color and pattern to suit the style of a room.  Why settle for a shade of green, for instance, that is close when you can purchase the shade that will complement your furniture or rug perfectly?  Customizing allows homeowners to achieve a sophisticated polish that ready-made draperies often do not.  When one puts so much time and effort into designing a space, choosing furniture, and other decorative elements, it only makes sense to tailor the windows with a look specifically created for them.  Color and pattern can make a room seem cozier or more expansive; custom draperies allow you to find a window treatment ideally suited to the space to achieve a one-of-a-kind look.

At Interiors & Textiles, our staff of experienced interior designers can help you navigate the limitless choices available when looking for the perfect custom draperies for your room. Let us help you make your window a seamless feature of your room.