Motorized Blinds Shades

Ten Reasons to Love Motorized Window Blinds and Shades

More and more people are choosing to enhance their window treatments with motorized Blinds and Shades. At first glance this feature may appear to be an extravagant novelty, but there are some serious advantages for every home. Their sheer convenience is matched by their home security benefits, but they offer many other features as well that delight the homeowners who install them.

Less Wear and Tear on Fabrics and Fittings

A remote controlled motorized system for your blinds and shades can gently extend the longevity of your window treatments.  Daily erratic tugging or pulling on the fabric can damage your window treatments and eventually even loosen their hardware.

Quiet Operation

With no cranks or quiet motors, the motorized system quietly moves your blinds or shades into an open or closed position with no fanfare and no hassle.  In fact, your motor will be out of sight so it won’t be heard or seen!

Set Your Presets

Perhaps you like your window treatments opened halfway or three-quarters of the way.  When you achieve a desired setting, you can set your remote to remember this setting so that next time you merely click the button to quickly achieve the look you want.

High and Hard-to-Reach Windows

It can be difficult to manually adjust window treatments for windows that are hard or awkward to get to. A motorized system makes opening and closing the blinds or shades as simple as pressing a button. Skylight windows are a great place to utilize motorized shades.

Solar Sensors

Some window coverings can be outfitted with solar sensors that can determine the amount of sun shining into a room.  This type of system can close the coverings when the sunlight reaches a specified level in order to prevent furniture from fading; you’ll also block out the heat for a more energy-efficient home.


Wireless systems mean there are no cords to clutter up the look of your home.  To operate the window coverings, a remote can be used to achieve the desired operation. The latest remotes have radio frequency technology that enables you to operate the shades without having to point the remote directly at the shade and they can operate the shades through room walls. You can even operate a single window treatment,  all of them at once, or combine them into whatever grouping you might want.


Motorized systems with presets are excellent security features.  When you are away from home your system can close the window treatments by evening for added security.  Additionally, they can open them during the day so the home appears occupied.

Control Flexibility

Want to control and program your blinds and shutters settings on your smartphone? No problem with the Hunter Douglas Platinum App. Is the simplicity of a wall-switch more your thing? That is possible too. You can even integrate your home blinds with your home automation system for remote control of your windows from around the world.


Often homeowners are surprised by the affordability of these systems.  Of course, there are many options so consumers can choose a plan that fits their budget.  We offer free estimates so that buyers know their costs up front.

Great Look

Motorized systems work with a wide variety of products.  The motorized systems work with shades, blinds, louvers, slats, etc…and can move window treatments up and down or side to side.

You’ll find that once you install a motorized system, you’ll love your windows all the more!  These are just some of the many benefits of these systems – visit our Hunter Douglas Gallery Showroom in Mountain View, CA for a more comprehensive look at our range of motorized and non-motorized window fashions.