Quality Wool Carpet

Quality Wool Carpet from the Just Shorn Collection

Just Shorn wool carpeting is an all-natural, luxurious, and high-end alternative to ordinary carpeting that promises to transform your home with its many superior attributes.  Created from New Zealand wool, Just Shorn uses the finest hand-selected wool for its carpets – wool that isn’t just beautiful, it’s extremely durable too.  If you are planning to install new carpeting, this is an extraordinary option that might be just the carpet you’re looking for.


Just consider that carpets used to be created from wool.  Today, of course, the market is filled with carpeting made from petroleum-based products.  While they can sometimes feel nice, nothing can beat the feel of a soft, natural wool carpet on your feet.  It’s not just your feet that will appreciate the difference – you children will love the softness and warmth that a wool carpet brings.


The sheep that produce wool for Just Shorn carpeting luxuriate in the emerald fields of New Zealand’s rich countryside.  The farms are environmentally friendly and employ renewable resources to operate.  This means that you can feel doubly good about purchasing Just Shorn; the end product is a sustainable choice and the manufacturing and supply is also designed with fairness and equitable trade in mind.

Beautifully Durable

Just Shorn chooses the finest and whitest wool for its carpets.  The whiter the wool, the better it is for dyeing.  The end results are carpets with gorgeous hues that aren’t simply beautiful to behold, they embody the toughness that we expect from the best quality wool, too.

Easy to Maintain

Many carpet buyers don’t know, but wool-carpeting releases soil better than synthetic carpeting -up to 25% better.  This means that with regular cleaning and care, you are likely to keep your Just Shorn carpeting looking and feeling great longer than many other products on the market.  To keep your Just Shorn carpet looking its best, be sure to vacuum regularly and clean up spills as quickly as possible.  Just Shorn also suggests having cleaning performed with professional hot water extraction annually for best results.

If you want to infuse your home with natural beauty, Just Shorn wool carpets provide that gorgeous look that decorators love coupled with the superior functionality that homes need from a floor covering.  Once you install your Just Shorn carpet, the sooner you can enjoy its luxurious look and feel!