DFAD 2018

Design for a Difference is a national interior design initiative where showrooms partner with interior designers to make a difference to charitable causes. Design for a Difference’s mission is to support non-profit organizations that offer basic needs like food, shelter and safety to local communities, in addition to a host of many other services. And for those who participate, Design For A Difference is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of people; including themselves.

CHAC LogoThis year, Interiors & Textiles in Palo Alto partnered with the local business community and designers to deliver a makeover for the Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC).

CHAC exists to provide alternatives to self-destructive behavior, and to help create healthy lives for the children and families of Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and the surrounding communities. CHAC’s Mission Statement says it all:

We strive to help create a happier, healthier community. We help families build stronger foundations through building stronger relationships and communication. We help teachers teach by creating better classroom environments for all students. We help parents parent more effectively by empowering them with support, skills, and tools to use. We help youth and adolescents stay on track — at school, at home, and in their social lives. We are inclusive, and do not believe anyone should be denied services — even if they can’t afford it. We do what we do, and believe what we believe, because the happiness and health of one person can affect an entire community.

Everyone deserves to be noticed, heard, and helped.

Focus Areas

The main objective was to provide a welcoming, supportive, calm, safe and respectful environment where clients can be open to trust their therapist to assist them in regaining their balance toward a healthy life; and where staff can function effectively and efficiently.

The welcome area and waiting room was in need of a functional overhaul, including better flow for client entrance and exit, relief of congestion at the reception desk, and improved privacy.

Additionally, the intern areas needed some attention to provide dedicated work areas, and make better use of the break room and training spaces.

The end result: A modern and highly functional space transformation for visitors and staff alike. See for yourself with some of the before & after photos below.

Fred Wee

Fred is the owner of Palo Alto-based Window Covering and Flooring showroom Interiors & Textiles. Fred has championed the Design for a Difference movement locally by organizing successful non-profit functional makeover projects. These have earned multiple awards, including a Gold Award from the American Association of Interior Designers, recognition as “Hometown Hero 2016” by the Community Service Agency, and Small Business of the Year from the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce in 2017.

Mark Brunetz

Mark is an Emmy Award winning television host, author and lifestyle expert. Mark currently oversees an array of projects including the design of a collection of custom area rugs for luxury brand Carlisle in partnership with New Zealand-based Just Shorn and Carrfields Primary Wool. Mark also serves as the North American Spokesperson for the International Design Guild’s Designer Program

DFAD Design Team

Lisa Sten

Lisa is the General Manager/Design Professional at Harrell Remodeling. She has been an interior design professional for 18 years, and is an accredited Certified Interior Designer (CID) and Universal Design Certified Professional.

Diane Forese

Diane is a professional Interior Designer, and a recent graduate of West Valley Interior Design School. Prior to starting her interior design career, she was a marketing and branding professional.

Angela Leung

Angela is a student at West Valley Interior Design school. In addition to her studies she is also a small business owner/entrepreneur at A+ Auto Glass.

Yolanda Ng

Yolanda is a student at West Valley Interior Design school, and also holds a position as a design specialist at commercial architecture firm. Prior to her career in interior design, she was a pediatrician.