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Karastan Carpets

Karastan LogoBeginning as Marshall Field & Co., Karastan have been making different forms of carpet since 1928. Their beginning came when visitors at two World Fairs quickly called The Karastan Rug a “Wonder Rug”, due to its high quality and beauty. It was also due to the fact that buyers were able to see just how Karastan cleaned up better than any other rug on the market. Buyers of Karastan rugs would also go on to find that their products were durable, lasting long past other rugs and carpet.

In 1948, Karastan once again wowed American customers with their Kara-Loc Method of weaving. This special method of weaving produced innovations in carpet and rug fashion including multi-colored design. Thanks to this method fans of Karastan could enjoy quality, innovative carpeting at an affordable price. Karastan was 15 years ahead of the competition when it came to this style of carpet manufacturing.

Karastan Livingroom CarpetKarastan kept moving with the times without losing the durability and luxury of their original carpets. Today Karastan carpeting is as plush as ever and homeowners enjoy the natural spring of woven carpet under their feet each and every day.

The highest quality is at the forefront of every Karastan collection. When it comes to Karastan this quality includes their backing, finishes, craftsmanship, pile density, amount of fiber used and the tight twist of their fibers.

Karastan have also shared in the development of SmartStrand, which is an environmentally conscious carpet fiber. It outperforms nylon and polyester, and is built to last for many years to come.

Here are just a few of the Smart Strand Environmental Features

  • Every 7 yards made saves one gallon of gas
  • The Smart Strand carpets take 30% less energy to produce.
  • This carpet lets off fewer greenhouse gasses and is overall a healthier carpet.

Smart Strand is used in many of Karastan’s rugs and carpet available throughout their collections. These carpets are extremely soft, and customers find it hard to believe that an environmentally friendly carpet can be so soft.

Karastan brings more than this to the customer’s throughout America, in addition, Karastan provides carpeting that is fashionable and can be color-matched to blend with any home’s walls and decor. Homeowners and interior decorators can choose the perfect color, from over 100 different colors alongside any of Karastan’s unique patterns to personalize any space in a home. This allows customers to have unique carpet that makes a statement in their home.

Karastan truly brings all the elements of beautiful carpet together. When customers think Karastan they think;

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Style
  • Environmentally Conscious

If you are considering a luxurious carpet that will look good for many years to come, consider Karastan carpets for your home.