Masland Carpets

Masland Carpets

maslogoMasland carpets have over 145 years experience producing quality carpet products. Started in 1866, Masland created a company that’s main aim was to provide modern carpet options with consistent high-quality practices. In doing so, Masland has maintained its status as one of the top carpet manufacturers in the U.S.

Masland has over one million square feet of manufacturing and distribution space which allows the company to store over 20,000 rolls of carpet in various styles, colors, and patterns. They boast of their state of the art technology and ability to ensure quality control throughout the manufacturing process, giving customers the highest quality carpeting products at all times.

Masland carpet 3Masland create a range of carpeting products including broadloom carpet for residential and commercial use, rugs, and custom rugs. Their broadloom carpets are made from nylon or fine wool and range from single vivid colors to their patterned carpet collection. No matter what style you have in your home, Masland has a carpeting choice that will match with your current home decor.

Masland Carpet 2Masland has been recognized over and over again for its constant ability to produce new products that are original and stylish with innovative construction, lasting beauty, and vivid color treatments. Their Glamorous line of carpets is the perfect example, featuring low and high luster fibers that combine to give a look of corduroy while still being comfortable under-foot. The wool TruSoft blend provides contemporary homes with clean lines and modern colors including colors like champagne, cashmere, and blue velvet.

Masland Carpet 1Like many carpeting companies these days, Masland also has a commitment to the environment. Their commitment to the environment includes the four following principals.

  • Sustainable Selection and Efficient Use of Raw Materials
  • Conservation of Energy
  • Management of Waste
  • Recycling of Materials

The commitment to these principles allows Masland to create beautiful products and helps reduce the company’s impact on the environment.

With a range of textures, treatments, colors and patterns, Masland provides their customers with a wide range of options that keep up with the changing styles and needs of their customers.

Visit us at Interiors & Textiles and ask to see their available range of Masland carpets. You are sure to love the vivid colors, soft feel and high quality feel that Masland carpets can bring to your home or business.