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Louis A. Dabbieri ® by Carlsberg Plank - Plateau

Carlsberg Plank

Louis A. Dabbieri ®

Discover a flooring that reflects all the rich character of classic oak in a far more advanced form — our exclusive Dabbieri Carlsberg Plank! Crafted with a solid core and unmatched 30mil wear layer for outstanding performance under the most demanding conditions, Carlsberg Plank is waterproof, kid proof and pet proof so you never have to worry about anything detracting from its superior beauty. And it is absolutely gorgeous with wide (9”) planks, strikingly detailed imagery and more space between pattern repeats for a truly genuine wood-look in your choice of 7 dramatically different hues. Investigate all the stylish possibilities for extraordinary living today with our exclusive Dabbieri Carlsberg Plank!

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