Home Style Ideas for The Holidays

Holiday Decorating Style TipsDecorating your home for the holiday season should be fun. Festive decorations not only bring a fresh look to your home for the season, they can also be a great way to highlight features of your home in interesting ways. For best effect pick an overall theme so that everything, from indoor trees to outdoor lighting, all tie together for a uniform look.

Holiday decorating style ideas

The ways of holiday decorating themes are as numerous as there are designers and homeowners adorning their homes for the season. However, a few themes stand out among the rest.

  1. Natural ingredients – Natural holiday decorating elements have been used to decorate for the season since the Druids started celebrating the winter solstice. This decorating theme is marked by using live greenery–trees as well as wreathes and boughs to wrap banisters and adorn door moldings. You can also add pinecones, either loose or in wreaths and trees; birch tree branches, fruit; strings of cranberries and popcorn; and sprigs of holly.
  2. Timeless city chic – Another ageless holiday decorating theme is to use crystal ornaments, candlesticks and hanging decorations with gold and silver bows, tree skirts and tablecloths. You can vary it year to year by adding just a single accent color to the mix.
  3. Modern and zany – If your home is more modern than traditional, you may want to embrace your modern roots for the holidays. Instead of a traditional green tree, try a white or a silver tree. Instead of red and green ornaments, opt for pink or teal decorations.
  4. Traditional red and green with a twist – Red and green is always appropriate for the holidays. Consider making a wreath of red and green ornaments, adorning your tree with just red ribbons and decorations, and creating a red and green light display on the exterior of your home.
  5. Blue and silver for Hanukkah – If you’re celebrating Hanukkah instead of Christmas, decorate your home with the traditional Jewish colors of blue, white and silver. You can add candles, in addition to the Menorah, place blue and silver ornaments in glass bowls and set your table with blue and white dishes and stemware. Of course, you’ll want a few gelt (coin-shaped chocolate wrapped in gold foil) scattered around.

Finding just the right decorating scheme for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful. Just choose the design motif that best matches your holiday mood and your home’s architecture and have fun with it. You can add a slightly different element to palette annually, so you don’t have to invest in new decorations each year.