Using Bold Colors And Patterns To Carpet Your Home

One of the great benefits when it comes to replacing the carpet in your home is the interior design opportunity that is unlocked for restyling your living space. A carpet has a long life, which may mean your home has been limited by décor decisions made in a different decade – stylistic sins that you may not be thrilled about can be forgiven, and the opportunity presents itself to give your home a much-needed makeover.

Carpet Can Make a Statement and Add Dimension to Your Home

Bold Patterned CarpetWhen we think about carpet colors, we often think soft unobtrusive neutrals. This is how carpet has been seen for many years – earth-tones are generally the biggest-selling carpet colors – however, if you are looking to bring energy and creativity to rooms throughout your home, bold carpeting can be a great choice. Patterned carpet is making a comeback when it comes to carpeting trends; you may be thinking of the retro 70’s style carpet, however patterned carpet can be both eye-catching and still look sophisticated.

Whether you go with a textured pattern that is produced in similar colors, or a contrasting pattern that stands out, patterned carpet can bring life to any space in your home. Patterned carpet can offer dramatic effects on stairs, as well as making a wonderful addition to family rooms, bedrooms and entrances that you want to enhance.

Incorporating shapes from geometric patterns, diamonds, swirls and florals, designers and carpet manufacturers are working together to produce beautiful patterned carpets in imaginative designs.

Liven Up a Space with Vibrant Colored Carpeting

Bold colored carpet in a playroomColors can make all the difference when it comes to the feel of a room. If you are looking for a peaceful feel, then you will want to head towards softer, neutral, colors such as greens or blues. These types of colors usually work well in bedrooms and studies, where peace and tranquility is a much-needed quality. However, there is also a place for bold colors and standout patterns in the home. For instance, if you have a family room or playroom that you are looking to infuse with energy and innovation, then bold colors in the warmer spectrums such as reds, yellows, and bright blues, can bring inspiration to a space. Color and patterns can be used together to create a space that is both inviting and energetic.

Spatial Considerations Matter

The use of distinct patterns in a carpet can be powerful, and also needs to be treated with care. There are special considerations that need to dealt with – attention must be paid to the direction of the pattern, particularly where the major sight-lines throughout the home might make-or-break a desired effect. The size and repetition of the pattern must also be considered in relation to the size and shape of the room, including any cutouts, alcoves and offsets in the room. Another often-overlooked consideration is the directionality of the carpet during manufacturing and therefore its orientation on the roll. The desired orientation can dramatically affect the amount of material needed for a room layout, and therefore the price of the project.

Seek Expert Advice from an Interior Designer

When you are redecorating, consider bold carpeting for the focal statement of any room – but make those decisions carefully, and with expert advice. One of the many advantages of working with Interiors & Textiles as your carpet supplier is our in-house interior design expertise. We can visit your home, take all the measurements and provide objective advice on what styles might work best for your space and tastes. With the many color and pattern options now available, we can help you navigate through the range of choices for uniquely expressing your creativity and bringing your home to life.