SmartStrand – A New Level of Stain Resistant Carpet

Smartstrand Stain Resistant CarpetWouldn’t it be great to install a powerful stain resistant carpet that is also a sustainable choice?  Our customers now have a terrific option that fulfills both of these roles – with new SmartStrand carpeting.  Employing renewable resourced polymer made partly from organic fiber, the SmartStrand carpet is a superior choice floor covering with stain fighting power. an eco-friendly make-up, and feels great to the touch.

What is SmartStrand?

Manufactured with renewably sourced polymer made by Dupont Sorona, SmartStrand carpeting is regarded as a highly sustainable choice in carpeting.  This carpeting contains 37% of sustainable materials in its composition.  While many homeowners are choosing this type of carpeting because it looks great installed, it’s also a great example of a more renewable type of floor covering and it provides powerful stain protection.

Stain Fighting Power

As with any stain proofed carpeting, you would expect the carpet to ward away food spills and other typical household messes.  SmartStrand accomplishes this and more.  According to its makers, SmartStrand carpeting can withstand juice spills like cherry juice, coffee, and even red wine—that’s smart, indeed!  The stain-fighting ability is manufactured into the fiber of the carpet itself.  This means that the protection is essentially built into the carpet.  While other stain proofed carpets carry warnings not to use bleach, SmartStrand can withstand bleach and will not discolor.

Sustainably Smart

Many homes are committed to adopting more eco-friendly practices and purchasing more eco-friendly merchandise.  SmartStrand’s environmental platform allows you to install a more sustainable carpet option in your home that also lives up to high carpet standards for durability, style, beauty, comfort, and, of course, stain-fighting power.  According to SmartStrand’s manufacturing information, the production of this carpeting employs 30% less energy to produce than other similar carpets.  The use of less energy in the manufacturing process is good news for the environment.

The Ultimate Zoo Challenge

We like the way that the makers of SmartStrand have proven the durability and stain resistance of their product. In this video the carpet was installed in an animal compound at a zoo. Following 3 weeks of the worst kind of abuse you could imagine, the carpet cleaned up like new. If it can handle that, we feel good about it’s chances with the kids!

With its built in stain protection that won’t wear out over time , SmartStrand can be easily cleaned with water or mild soap for the toughest stains when spills happen.  Even steam cleaning the carpet will not impact its stain proofing.  SmartStrand is engineered to be smart in every way; consequently, choosing to carpet your home with this eco-friendly product is a smart choice all around!

Buying carpeting is a significant purchase filled with many decisions.  Moreover, it’s a purchase that is meant to last.  Choosing a product like SmartStrand increases the likelihood of longevity for your carpet since it is as strong as it is lovely.  Being fashionable, however, is just one of this carpeting’s many traits.  Visit our carpet showroom in Palo Alto to see the many options available for your new, stain resistant carpet.