The Story of Just Shorn and Its Farmers – Part 2

New Zealand Wool Used in Just Shorn CarpetsThere is a difference when it comes to Just Shorn wool, and once you know a little about Just Shorn’s background you can easily see why.

Just Shorn is a cooperative that is made up of farmers who truly care about the product they produce. Many of these farmers have come from generations of farm owners and have acquired their farming skills and practices from grandparents and parents. These farmers keep sheep and other animals because they truly enjoy the lifestyle that farming brings with it, and they appreciate the need for farms that are run with care for both the animals and the environment.

All of Just Shorn’s farmers use sustainable farming practices. These practices help farmers to maximize the production of wool, while keeping the land healthy for the next generation. Thanks to this, the wool their sheep produces is both natural and beautiful.

Sheep farming is one of the best renewable farming practices, and this is due to the fact that wool is 100% natural and renewable. Wool can be used for carpeting, and once the carpet has lived out its life span, the wool can be recycled to produce other products. When buried in the ground, wool is biodegradable and will let nutrients seep into the ground, benefiting the land. All of the farmers that are part of the Just Shorn cooperative appreciate that sustainable farming practices will protect their country’s beautiful spaces for generations to come.

In 2010, the farmers joined with Elders Primary Wool to bring their wool to the United States. Elders understood how important it was to bring quality wool products to the market, and needed wool that could meet the strict specifications that its American manufacturers held. Bringing Just Shorn into their fold was a no brainer, thanks to the fact the Just Shorn farmers produced a superior wool product while also using sustainable practices.

This relationship bought new opportunities for the Just Shorn farmers and allowed Elders Primary Wool to market the superior wool to the U.S. Just Shorn’s farmers now have the chance to sell their wool through Elders, receiving a fair price thanks to the high quality of their wool.

Thanks to this relationship American homeowners can now purchase these beautiful wool carpets for their home, knowing they are getting a quality product that has been produced to the highest of standards. Homeowners can also know that the renewable practices and high level of animal care produced by Just Shorn’s cooperative of farmers is making a positive impact in our world.