Why the Wool Used By Just Shorn Creates a Superior Wool Carpet – Part 1

Just Shorn Wool CarpetIf you are considering new carpet in your home, you may be looking at wool carpet. There are many reasons homeowners choose wool carpeting in their home.

  • Wool is durable and can stand up to heavy traffic.
  • Wool is a natural product making it a great choice for those that have asthma and allergies.
  • Wool is healthier thanks to its unique ability to trap dust and dirt in its fibers. These allergens can then be easily vacuumed up.
  • Wool is water resistant; this is due to the lanolin. A small amount of lanolin will remain in the wool even after processing; this helps make wool carpet more water resistant than other materials.
  • Wool is fire retardant thanks to its natural self-extinguishing fibers.
  • Wool feels luxurious on your feet and can help keep a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

There are many different types of wool carpet on the market, however one brand really goes to a lot of effort to emphasize the quality of its wool, the sustainable sources behind the manufacturing, and even the farmers (and sheep!) that created the wool – that brand is Just Shorn.

The Wool Behind Just Shorn Carpets

Just Shorn is an exclusive line of carpets that uses a cooperative of farmers to supply a superior wool product. All of Just Shorn’s farmers use sustainable farming and kind animal practices.

Just Shorn has come up with the best wool on the market thanks to their selective breeding process. By interbreeding two types of sheep, the Cheviot and the Romney, the Perendale sheep is born, producing thick wool with a little crimp, which produces beautiful products.

The Cheviot sheep’s wool has a lot of bulk and a unique crimp to it. Thanks to this extra crimp and bulk their wool is more durable.

The Romney is a long wool breed that produces wool with thick fibers. The Romney was bought to New Zealand in the 1950’s thanks to the high quality wool it produces. It quickly became a favorite throughout New Zealand for carpeting and other floor coverings.

Combined together the Perendale sheep produce some of the best wool in the world. This wool holds a higher level of durability than other wool carpets, thanks to its unique blend.

The Perendale sheep make up 12-15% of the total sheep population in New Zealand, and Just Shorn believe it is proven to be the whitest and purest wool, making it perfect for dyeing. This produces carpets in both vibrant hues and pastels with color that is beautiful and can stand up to a lot of use. You can certainly see this in the carpets created from Just Shorn wool.

Another part of the puzzle that helps these carpets look beautiful and stay looking that way for years, is the fact that the wool grown by the Just Shorn farmers is stronger.  This is due to the beautiful New Zealand climate where the sheep are bred. Thanks to the exposed & varied weather in New Zealand, the sheep’s pelt grow stronger and thicker, making it perfect for producing carpet products that look beautiful and can stand up to heavy use for many years.

If you are looking for a wool carpet in beautiful hues, that can stand the test of time, and are produced by a cooperative farmers that focus on sustainable practices, you may want to visit our showroom to see the difference Just Shorn wool brings to wool carpets.

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